Shure Microphone Pendant


The Shure Microphone represents possibly the best eras of music; a time that brought change, broke rules, challenged conventions and formed the cornerstones of popular and modern music...and it never gets old.

Whether we grew up in that amazing musical time or just the borrowed memories and handed down records, the Shure Mic is a beautifully designed piece of hardware from a time when design was golden.

The pendant is solid and hung on a link chain, both sterling silver, of course. Standard length of chain is 20" but minor adjustment can be made easily upon request. This pendant is highly polished and the details and lines are as perfect as can be. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Items will be shipped out 7-12 days registered international post. Orders will be filled and ready to ship within 7 days of purchase on most occasions. Shipping included in purchase price.

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